The Industrial Revolution

2 May

Marcelena Stephens

CHIS Wise 202 10:00

Dr. Underwood

Blog #1

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution that took place in the 18th century caused many families despair. These times were hard because the English were trying to increase production from their factories to industrialize. The industrial revolution included poverty, and famine. They were troubled by lack of rights and a low paying job while they worked long strenuous hours daily to support their family. During this time people had no choice but to endure situations simply so that their families could stay fed, housed and clothed.

During this time even young children were placed into factories to work. They were assigned to duties that adults were not capable of doing, such as fitting into small machines to complete a task. These things were very dangerous and endangered the lives of many children. Because small children were being put in danger, this sparked anger in parents and became a reason the revolution came about. Another reason for the revolution was the unhealthy toxins that came from the factory machinery. Every person that resided anywhere near them was breathing its toxins and it caused many health problems, but most of the health problems arose especially to those working inside of them. These health problems also led to higher mortality rates because people would become ill but couldn’t afford to lose pay or let alone go to the doctor. Times were beyond rough and with these inventions only becoming greater; this was only a start of a new life to come.


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