Research Paper Proposal Revised

2 May

Marcelena Stephens

CHIS 202 10:00

Dr. Underwood

Research Paper Proposal- Revised


The rights of women all around the United States have never been believed to be as equal to the rights of men. In most societies women struggled to be recognized as an individual rather than being recognized under a man. Certain rights were fought for so that women possessed the power to control their own life. Rights as such as selective marital arrangements and the right to vote were the rights that were strongly fought for. Suffrage which is the right to vote is the biggest right fought for during this time period of the 1800s. Suffrage Rights for women were finally won in 1920. Notable figures of the women’s suffragist movement include Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. I will analyze the struggle these women went through to gain such rights, and also will analyze the long term effects of this movement on today’s society.


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