2 May

Marcelena Stephens

CHIS 202 Wise 202 10:00

Dr. Underwood

Blog #4


Pan Africanism

The Pan-Africanism movement, founded around 1900, was to secure equal rights, self-government, independence, and unity for all African peoples. Inspired by Marcus Garvey, he used his speaking ability to encouraged self-awareness among Africans by encouraging them to study of their history and culture.

Marcus Garvey who is also known as the father of Pan Africanism also founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). This organization was established in Jamaica by Garvey. It became a major international organization after Garvey moved to the United States 1916. Marcus Garvey used his speaking ability to capture the attention of many working class and poor African Americans in Harlem New York. He developed a newspaper entitled “The Negro World”. This newspaper was widely read by supporters UNIA.  In the reader document number 38 “Marcus Garvey and the Politics of Revitalization” Marcus Garvey explains his view on Pan-Africanism.

The whole idea of Pan-Africanism the Garvey wanted to display was racial pride and unity. He wanted to better the race and realized that it all started with unity. Pan-Africanism not only focused on culture but also focused on politics, ideology in order to pursue a common ground of unity of the history and destiny of Africans.


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