Civil Rights Movement and Apartheid Compare and Contrast

2 May

Marcelena Stephens

CHIS 202 Wise 10:00

Dr. Underwood

Blog #3

Civil Rights and Apartheid comparison

The Civil Rights Movement happened in the 1950s. The Civil rights movement was a movement in which African Americans fought for full rights as a citizen of the United States of America. The African Americans were denied of any right that White Americans had in the 1950s. They fought for the right to attend the same schools for education, the right to drink from the same water fountains and eat at the same restaurants, and most of all voting rights. The United States Constitutions grant these rights to African Americans by stating so in the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.  Civil rights ended about 1968.

Apartheid started in the 1940s. Africans not only suffered through struggles of racial issues in the United States of America, they also faced the same issues in their native country of South Africa. The Apartheid Movement that happened in South Africa was very similar to the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. Apartheid means the separateness by racial factors. This event took place in the 1930s and was also used as a political slogan for the Afrikaner National Party.  Apartheid was basically a system of legal segregation by race. Racial laws that were set in place closely interfered with how African conducted their lives. These racial laws even interfered with laws as such as marriage between Africans and whites. The only purpose of apartheid was to separate all races from each other.  Apartheid finally ended about year 1994.

The differences between  the two movements which were Apartheid and the Civil Rights Movement is that with Civil Rights people were fighting for voting rights, and fighting for citizenship equality. On the other hand, in South Africa, Africans had no voice and were not given a voice at all. They had no one to stand up and fight for them to get positive results. The Apartheid had so many unruly rules that Africans could not get around them no matter what they tried to do. But as for Civil Rights eventually Blacks were heard and started seeing results because of their actions.

Although Civil Rights and Apartheid appear to be very much alike, they indeed are very different. Civil Rights mainly deals with voting rights and citizenship equality and Apartheid dealt with legal separation by whatever race you were. They both had a common purpose in which blacks fought for what they deserved. The two movements are still being dealt with in today’s and probably will never stop until more citizens of today’s society take a stand.


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