American Imperialism

2 May

Marcelena Stephens

CHIS 202 Wise 202 10:00

Dr. Underwood

Blog #2

American Imperialism

The US certainly became an imperialist nation in the 20th century. The American Empire was huge.  Towards the ending of the 19th century the United States finally realized that they had enough potential to be the world’s leading power.

The United States was the leading producer of the crops wheat and cotton. With these crops they developed as a strong industrial nation. The leaders of the United States saw no reason that they should not try to expand and become the leading imperial power, and it was necessary for them to begin immediately before Europe had complete colonial control over the world. In the document “America’s Big Stick” Theodore Roosevelt uses the phrase “Speak softly and carry a big stick” to represent his interest in maintaining his intervention in Latin America. Roosevelt was such a supporter of U.S. imperialism he also enlisted the army during the Spanish-American War and fighting in Cuba. With an ever expanding economy, the United States was looking to build trading posts around the world so they could take advantage of the wealth of other nations so that it would make the United States’ empire larger. In the 1890’s, it seemed silly for the United States officially decided to change and take their place as one of the world powers.

Although isolationism which is the separation from other countries affairs seemed like a good idea for a while, as America quickly grew into an industrial and urban nation. Many people of the American society felt that the county desperately needed to build overseas bases to increase trade and industry. America had the potential to become one of the great powers of the world, but they had to break out of their isolated shell in order to gain power as an imperialist country. The people supported this decision because they believed in the manifest destiny doctrine of the United States, the need to bring democracy to all and to expand its territory. Many Americans considered themselves to be superior to other countries. Because of this, they felt totally obligated to help other countries. As a result of these feelings, the United States got involved in conflicts that they had no part in, but they also made sure that they gained what they were looking for to achieve. At the turn of the 20th century, America had naval bases throughout the Pacific and Caribbean and was considered to be one of the strongest nations in the world.


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