The World at 1500

9 Dec

The world at 1500 was a time of major change compared to other time frames. In many nations they were experiencing economic growth in surplus and also development. In the 16th century many nations had a lot of economic advantages during this era. Europe especially experienced the highest amount of trading compared to other nations. This led Europe to becoming a money making economy. Trading was primarily done through the Oceanic Trade Route. The Empires of Spain and Portugal was also money based economy .Due to the geographic land, Spain had a high resource of metals such as Gold and Silver. The emergence of Christianity in the Catholic Church soon arose.  The Catholic Church tried to convert anyone who was practicing the faith of Islam. This time period now became one of the worst times in European History. The world in 1500 contributed to the emergence of trade because of its positive effects of the trading route known as the oceanic trade



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