Who is Lilith? (extra credit)

14 Oct

Lilith is a character that is widely debated upon. There are many debates on whether she actually existed or if she is a mythical character. Lilith is said to be the first woman ever created on earth even before Eve. Adam was lonely so god created Lilith from the same dust which Adam was created. Lilith is apparently the goddess of sexual temptations, thunder storms, illnesses, and also death. A heavy dispute about issues of equality between Adam and Lilith drove her to willingly leave the Garden of Eden.  Lilith felt that because she was made of the same dust as Adam that Adam should not be considered as the dominant figure in the relationship. She felt as if she was inferior to Adam and left the Garden of Eden for good even as the angles of the garden begged for her to come back. In years later Eve was created to be Adams new mate.  She was created from one of Adams ribs. Many believe that Lilith is a mythical figure because of the fact that she is not mentioned at all in some versions of the bible. It is also believed that Eve was indeed secondary because she was made from Adams rib and not of dust as Lilith was created. The rib symbolizes a new and improved woman versus getting the same outcome if she would have been made from dust.  



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