The life Tour (extra credit)

14 Oct

On October 5, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. in Davage Auditorium I attended a spoken word performance. The performance was entitled “The Life Tour”. Four males and four women who told stories through the art form of poetry. The spoken word performances were split up into two different segments and had their own names. The male segment was entitled “The Male Ego” and the other for the women was entitled “Her Story”. The gentlemen of The Male Ego entered the stage and the crowd roared. An immediate silence fell over the whole room when one began to speak. Each of the gentlemen had the opportunity to express himself and his life’s struggles through short clips of poetry. They spoke about how the male ego sometimes gets in the way and keeps men from learning a life lesson. As I sat back and listened carefully to the words that flowed out of their mouths I could feel myself connecting with different situations and applauded happily when they were finish to show that I enjoyed their performance.

            Up next to the stage was the cast of “Her Story”. These young women were all different races and also spoke in different languages. They spoke about love, pain, struggle and triumph, and included humorous pieces that would lighten different situations. As I young woman I could relate more the ladies that performed because they were speaking about men, motherhood, and the everyday struggles of the average woman. I truly enjoyed the ladies performance as I did the guys. Each performance really took you on a ride through real life situations and showed and joyful outcomes can come from any situation.

            Overall both performances were great. As a person who likes poetry and spoken word I would encourage anybody to partake in this journey that the eight individuals took me on. I would definitely like to see these individuals perform again. They really touched my heart and had my eyes glued to the stage for about two hours. This whole event was definitely A Life Tour as the title proclaims.  



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